A View from the Other Side – Day 3

It is Day 3 of “trading places” with my wife during the week between Christmas and New Year’s. The following are some notes on my view from the other side.


I had planned an outing today to our new favorite breakfast spot – The Bagel Cafe. However, I continue to be the only one without sickness, and Cara and my girls were all much worse today. So, I made a quick trip myself to pick up a baker’s of incredible bagels for breakfast.

For lunch, I prepared an exquisite plating of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. It is one meal that I do make occasionally, and I did not want to disappoint. We added a side of baby carrots and dip, and finished with the sharing of one of our box of chocolates from Christmas.

Four-cheese ravioli, roasted garlic sauce, Parmesan cheese, and a lovely salad accompaniment were on the menu for dinner. Cara, my sous chef, made one of her lovely dressings to toss with the salad, and we had a mini loaf of french bread from Big Sky Bakery (a splurge). I learned that, yes, a watched pot does not boil, and a bit of olive oil in the pan keeps the ravioli from sticking to one another. In the end, it was a good meal; although, it would have been much more readily enjoyed had my ladies been able to breathe normally. I feel so bad for them.


Frequently, our family goes through times of sickness. Cara almost always seems to make it through unscathed, only to fall ill immediately after everyone else gets better. It’s almost as if she holds out just long enough to see everyone well before her body gives in. I’m not sure I have that kind of stamina, but I may be experiencing a bit of that now. I’m not a betting man, but I would most likely put money down on a violent illness within the next 10 days. Sickness is nearly always accompanied with crankiness, but my four ladies have really managed quite gracefully. This is a blessing to me during my week in the kitchen, but I know it must be challenging for Cara to have four cranky family members.

We took down our Christmas decorations today, and it became quite the family task. Cara and Abby were napping when Anna, Ella and I began our work. I tried to think, “What would Cara do?” I found a box that had images of the ornaments on it, and I assigned Ella the task of matching ornaments. I asked Anna to hand me some of our ball ornaments, only to learn that I was placing them all in the incorrect box. Anna’s suggestion: Dad should get the ornaments and let her take care of putting them away properly. Agreed! Abby came in and took over for the “low ball” ornaments, and I took to the top. It was an incredible display of delegated responsibility that the One True God saw fit to bless me with. Cara, of course, knows the girls so well that she can assign tasks and the girls actually enjoy it (they enjoy it a good bit of the time, anyway).

As I watched Cara and Anna working on a craft kit for Anna’s doll (a Christmas craft book), I was amazed at how “into it” Anna was. Abby was thrilled with her Baby Alive doll and Ella loves her Little Critters. Cara knows each girl well and intimately, and the gifts are living proof. I am humbled by this, and I pray for God’s help to know my girls better. Meanwhile, I know I can take cues from my amazing wife.

So much more to learn…

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