More Than Meets the Eye

The following is an excerpt from the upcoming release Creative Bible Lesson: The Trinity–

Change is good. I’d like to change. I get frustrated with some of the things I do. Sometimes I feel like there’s nothing I can do to keep from doing something royally stupid. After a series of foolish mistakes, I just want to stop running what seems to be an endless rat race and crawl into the nearest hole. Do you think your teens ever feel that way? Do you think they hear the high expectations of living the Christian life and think “there’s no way that I’m NOT going to screw this up”? At times, we don’t take enough responsibility for our lives. Yet, we also find ourselves not giving responsibility into better hands. Jesus said the Father would send the Holy Spirit to give us peace that the power doesn’t have to come from us. The Spirit will take what God has made in each of us and transform us into a powerhouse for His glory. That’s what happened with the apostles. They were common men who were empowered to do uncommon things. They were unlearned in the Scriptures but lived and preached God’s Word in an incredible way. They were doubting and fearful men who stood boldly before the high-and-mighty’s to deliver a clear message about Jesus Christ.

How can anyone explain the transformation? Was it some crash course they took, some upbeat seminar on leadership? No. Then maybe it was really the work of angels, but the disciples were given credit for it? No, the biblical record clearly states that it was the same group of once-timid men Jesus had trained. Perhaps some high-powered “heavenly drug,” some miracle-inducing chemical, was inserted into their bodies that changed the men overnight? Enough! There is only one intelligent answer: It was the arrival and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.[1]

The Spirit has come, and He holds that same transforming power, the same power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead. This power lives inside all who believe in Jesus Christ, and it’s time for this power to be released.

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[1] Swindoll, Charles. Flying Closer to the Flame: A Passion for the Holy Spirit, p. 39.

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