Go With God

The following is an excerpt from the upcoming release Creative Bible Lesson: The Trinity–

For most of my life, I thought my faith was just about me. I was taught to have a personal relationship with Jesus, to make sure I had a personal quiet time, and to reflect on my personal growth in Christ. Everything guided me to think that God’s mission was all about me. It only made sense that I had to work through struggles on my own – they were my personal struggles. After studying God’s Word for some time now, I’ve realized just how deadly that thinking is. If we have learned anything in our study of the Trinity, we should know that the very nature of the Trinity is relational. God’s mission in the world is about relationship, but it’s not just about me. God’s heart is that every nation, tribe, language and people hears and has opportunity to respond to His offer of a restored relationship with Himself (Rev. 5:9; 14:6). Tony Evans has said that “knowing who He is defines who we are.”[1] If God has relationship within Himself and is on mission to restore relationship with humanity, then we should function within a relational community and be on mission to see others restored to relationship with God. What better time to understand and go on mission with God than during the teen years. Proverbs 20:29 says, “The glory of young men is their strength.” In the words of Alex and Brett Harris, “At no other time are we better positioned to decide who we will become…we can choose to set direction, develop character, and build momentum for an amazing future.”[2]I can’t imagine a future more amazing than one filled with restored relationships and bringing honor and glory to a God Who is Three-in-One!

*Pre-order your copy of Creative Bible Lesson on the Trinity HERE.

[1] Evans, Tony. Our God Is Awesome (1994), p. 17.

[2] Harris, Alex & Brett. Do Hard Things (2009), p. 50.

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