Family Matters

The following is an excerpt from the upcoming release Creative Bible Lesson: The Trinity–

Babies are dependent. Newborns can’t walk to the car which means they can’t drive to the grocery store which means they can’t cook their own food – not to mention the fact that they can’t feed themselves. Thankfully, we aren’t born into isolation. We are born into a family. As a child, my family surrounded me, loved on me, fed me, taught me and walked with me as I grew into a responsible adult. Now, I have children of my own who can’t seem to do anything on their own (surprise, surprise). So, guess what I spend my time doing?

The Father offers us the opportunity through the Son to receive a new birth by the Spirit. We receive this gift through our personal decision, but we are not “born again” into isolation. Rather, God has seen fit for us to be born into a new family – His. As teens grow in this understanding, they will also come to see their responsibilities in God’s family. You will also find opportunities throughout this lesson to connect them to other members of the community of faith. Let me encourage you to choose at least one of those options. Teens need to be connected to the larger family of God. Teens will be taught, but they will also be teaching. They will be cared for, but they must also care for others. We are members of one another; we are family. We can be eternally grateful to be called the children of God.

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