The following is an excerpt from the upcoming release Creative Bible Lesson: The Trinity–

If you’ve attended a gallery, you’ll understand what I’m about to say. You can pass by hundreds of works of art – some are nice and others might be a little odd. Eventually, one will simply seem to be “speaking” to you. You can stop and stare at it for what seems like an eternity and still not feel like you’ve processed it fully.

They say a picture paints a thousand words. In Jesus, the Word is painted. The Incarnation is something that demands our attention and careful consideration. We can gaze at Jesus for what seems like an eternity, but all the words in the world don’t seem enough to describe Who He is and what He means to us. And yet, we are now about to embark on that very task. Instead of simply talking through it, let’s attempt to paint a biblical picture of Jesus and allow the Spirit to guide us into all truth.

In studying the Trinity, we walk a fine line between our ideas about God and the reality of Who He is. The Incarnation puts flesh on all of our ideas, and we need to be sure we present a clear view of Jesus as God and man without missing the fact that Jesus came to bring us into community with God. In order for us to “count the cost,” Jesus’ life and ministry give us a picture of life in God’s kingdom, and He welcomes us to become citizens of that kingdom. To put it another way – in Jesus we see what life is like at the Father’s house, and our trust in Jesus gives us the Spirit of adoption into God’s family. May this session be a gallery of images that will capture the attention of your teens and exhort them to contemplate what the Incarnation means to them.

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