Morning Sickness

The following is an excerpt from the upcoming release Creative Bible Lesson: The Trinity–

Over the years, I’ve volunteered at crisis pregnancy centers in two different states. I haven’t been on the “front lines” talking directly to the girls who come in, but I’ve done everything I can to help teens become aware of the consequences that come from sex before and outside of a marriage relationship. I’ve heard stories of girls at the center or even from personal friends who have experienced deep regret and pain because of a bad choice sexually. Imagine feeling all of that when you didn’t do anything wrong! It’s hard to know exactly what Mary felt and went through when her family and friends learned of this miracle pregnancy. But, she was a young woman of great faith who became hopeful at the realization of Who the baby growing inside her actually was. There are some areas of our faith that are not preferential, but completely essential. The virgin birth is one of those areas. Not only was this a special birth because it was some kind of medical marvel or a wonderful story to share but most importantly because of what it tells us about the Child. Jesus wasn’t just anybody. He was God in the flesh. And because of this birth, our world would forever be changed.

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