With a Word

The following is an excerpt from the upcoming release Creative Bible Lesson: The Trinity–

By observing people over a period of time, you can get to know quite a bit about them. If you were to go through their house to look at pictures on the walls or how things are set up, you’d learn even more. Yet, nothing seems to be able to replace the power of the spoken word. Through conversation, you may affirm some of the things you thought you knew about that person or you might have to correct some misunderstandings. Not only did God see fit to reveal Himself in pictures and experiences (though those are extremely helpful) but also through His Word. Though the Trinity is one in divine nature, we need to also understand how each Person is distinct in their expression. God the Father reveals Himself in the Word and through the Word (His Son) and has given us the Spirit to help us understand the Word. We can take hope in that God desires to speak to us and be certain we understand what He’s saying.

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